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There are many different types of floor coverings which can be used instead of Carpets and Karndean.  The principal coverings being:
     • Natural Flooring - Including Seagrass, Sisal and Coir
     • Laminate Flooring - Available in Plank and Tile forms made from multiple material layers laminated together
     • Wood Flooring - Real Solid Wood Floors and Cork
     • Cushioned Vinyl - Soft Vinyl Sheet available in many patterns

Natural Flooring
Natural flooring such as Coir and Sisal are an environmentally sound choice as well as a fashionable one. The clean, distinct lines of natural flooring are now available in a range of colours and textures.  Natural floor coverings are known for their texture, coming in a vast range from chunky weaves to tightly woven fibres.

Seagrass is fairly water resistant but prolonged damp may cause mould to grow and could make the natural fibres of Seagrass become slippery, so it’s best to avoid bathrooms or wet areas.

Sisal is really hard wearing and can be woven into really intricate shapes.  It is suitable for most rooms, except kitchens because food can easily be caught in the fibres.  As Sisals are not water resistant they should not be used in bathrooms or wet areas.

Coir is made from the beautiful husks of coconut.  It’s the most economical of all natural fibres and hard wearing.  It’s perfect for areas such as the stairs as it’s slip resistant.

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At Gekay Carpets we have the right laminate floor for every interior.  Planks and tiles.  Wide and small planks.  Modern and traditional.  Our hard wearing, easy to install floors are extremely durable, very practical and easy to maintain, yet offer the attractive appearance of real wood.

Our main range of laminate floors is from Quick Step from whom we have the latest display stand showing large samples of around 85 different floors.  Quick Step is suitable for every room and comes with a 20 or 25 year warranty.

Quick Step are an award winning manufacturer of laminate flooring, offering an immense range of styles and designs all with the latest features for hardwearing quality and ease of installation.

Benefits of Quick Step
• Scratch Guard - Even more durable top layer protects the floor from scratching, meaning the floor retains its lustrous looks for longer.
• Anti-flammable - Flame retardant materials throughout the floor making it safer and even resistant to burns from dropped cigarettes.
• Easy Clean - Quite apart from the fact that the flooring itself is resistant to dirt and pollutants, the specially designed joins between the pieces means that the floor doesn't accumulate dirt between the boards.
• Sun Resistant - The UV protection in the top layers of the laminate floor means that it won't fade.
• Impact Resistant - The core of Quick Step laminate flooring is designed to resist damage from falling objects.  It will even protect the floor against stiletto heels.
• Damp Proof - The water tight base boards make Quick Step laminate floors resistant to damp from spills.  Especially when coupled with the tensile strength which comes from the unique interlocking system.
• Authentic Acoustics - Unlike some laminate floors, Quick Step not only sounds like wood when you walk on it, but brings the same warm sound quality to rooms in which it is laid.
• Antistatic - Quick Step use a unique process on all of their floors which prevents those annoying static build ups.

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Wood Flooring
Our fantastic collection is a result of our wealth of experience in solid and engineered hardwood floor design.  We strive to satisfy the demands of discerning customers for style, quality and value.  Wood is a simple, versatile and highly effective way to transform your home.  It's natural beauty, warmth and comforting ambience have ensured that this medium will be used and appreciated for generations to come.

1) Solid wood : Each board is made from a single piece of timber, usually with a tongue and groove joint, on the ends as well as the long sides.  Wood is a natural product and is susceptible to dimensional changes due to moisture and humidity.  Each installation needs to be professionally assessed and the floor acclimatised before installation commences.

You will find a variety of solid wood floors from as far afield as Russia, the Far East, North and South America, Eastern Europe and Western Europe in our ranges.  Each is treated in different ways to bring out the natural qualities of the material and complement the unique style of your home.

We only source our products from managed forests where there is a commitment to sustainability.  When you buy from Gekay Carpets & Floors you can be sure that your children’s children will enjoy an enduringly beautiful floor, and also an unspoilt environment for many years to come.

We strongly recommend that once you have chosen your solid wood floor that you use our experienced floor fitters who have the necessary experience and means to test the atmospheric and subfloor moisture levels in your property.  This is very important as wood is homogenous and will take on and give off moisture which in turn will cause it to expand or contract depending on moisture levels.  It is important therefore that the prevailing conditions are taken into account prior to installation.

It is also important to note that it is normal to expect some movement within a solid wood floor due to seasonal changes in humidity which will normally settle down once a floor has been down for a year or so.

2) Real Wood Engineered : These floors offer added stability and a greater variety of design.  They are normally constructed in 3 layers, using the chosen species as a top wear layer, with a central core of either softwood or high density fibreboard (HDF) with a balancing spruce veneer, or birch plywood.  The top wear layer can vary from 0.6mm to 6mm depending on the product.

Solid wood flooring has been used for hundreds of years in houses and public buildings but it is really only in the last 65 years that the process has evolved from a craft to a science, with the introduction of multi-layered products, and more recently in the late 1990's, the development of integral locking systems that greatly facilitate the installation of the floor.

The increasing popularity of using wood in modern homes has led to the need for meeting significant challenges.  New housing is almost always centrally heated often leading to relatively low atmospheric moisture in the air.  Advances have been made in the materials used for subfloors, and most recently, the growing popularity of underfloor heating.  All this has led to a need for an increasing level of sophistication in the floors themselves.

Thus the development of a floor that is multi-layered in construction and provides greater stability, the best use of a natural resource in the least wasteful and practical way, a product that in some cases be re-laid, a flooring that can sometimes be used in conjunction with underfloor heating, a product that can be laid much faster resulting in lower fitting costs and with a greater range of design possibilities.

3) Cork : We offer a small range of this beautiful, practical and sustainable floor.  Cork offers a perfect combination of comfort, aesthetic appeal, environmental and practicality credentials at a very reasonable cost.

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Cushioned Vinyl
Cushioned vinyl is waterproof, very durable, and easy to clean making it ideal for bathrooms, cloakrooms, utility rooms and kitchens where water, food and cleaning materials are among many things that may be spilt but will not damage a vinyl floor.  It is also well suited to bedrooms and living rooms as a cheaper alternative to laminate flooring.

Perhaps just as importantly, vinyl flooring is tough and resists plenty of wear and tear, while still being gentle on the feet.

There is a huge range of traditional and contemporary designs including woods, stone, slate, ceramics, metallic and plainer marble designs which are available in widths of 2, 3, 4 and even 5 metres to help keep waste and joints to a minimum.

Our carefully balanced product mix covers a wide assortment of both low-budget and top-of-the-line products with lots in between for residential and semi-contract use.

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